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While written words with images may be powerful inbound marketing tools in your marketing arsenal, but you can amp up your inbound power even more if those images happen to move.

But it’s time to re-think video as a Marketing Tool. Video is one of the most effective yet commonly overlooked marketing tools that can increase engagement on your website.

Video Marketing Effectiveness

How effective is it?

Statistics compiled by WordStream fill us in:

  • 45% of people watch more than 60 minutes of YouTube or Facebook videos each week
  • 82% of Twitter users view videos on Twitter
  • 87% of online marketers use video as part of their strategy
  • 500 million hours of video viewed on YouTube daily
  • 1 billion YouTube users
  • And our favorite; more video content is uploaded during the average 30 day span than major American TV networks have produced in 30 years.

Now that you know why video should not be ignored, check out some tips for how to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

1. Explain your products or services

Explainer videos are hot for outlining the functions and benefits of products and services. Demo videos give viewers a sampling of your products in action. If applicable, make your demo videos more personal by allowing viewers to sign up for a demonstration of how your service or product would interact with their specific company.

2. Provide training

How-to videos are hugely popular on YouTube, and you can create a slew of them to show folks how to make the most of your products or services. Training videos can provide the rundown for basic or advanced use of your products – for both your customers and your staff.

3. Enliven your blog

Blog posts can consist of any type of compelling content, and videos can certainly be part of the mix. Videos can stand alone as a blog post, or you can use them to supplement an article, infographic or another piece of written content to explore a topic at a deeper level. You can even have a video series like we did with our Friday Fails video posts.

4. Complement your advanced content

Your e-books, white papers and other advanced and downloadable content can also get a boost from accompanying videos. Consider using video to introduce each new piece of content – you website visitors get a chance to see the people who actually built the content.

5. Introduce yourself

With the ability to showcase your office space, staff in action and the unique personalities of your company and team, videos are an ideal way to help viewers learn more about who you. They can feature:

  • Individual team members on the about page near their bios
  • An in-depth look at your company, culture and community
  • An office tour
  • Your CEO
  • Footage of your employees in action

As you can clearly see, video marketing can be an effective addition to your website or inbound marketing campaign. Videos can be used for multiple purposes in the inbound marketing arena, all with the overall goal of building relationships, trust and knowledge in your website visitor base.

MyBrotherDarryl wants your investment in digital to be a success. We have a team of strategic thinkers who understand how to be successful online. If you’re thinking of including video as part of your next inbound marketing campaign, call MyBrotherDarryl. We have the experience to help you shape and execute your digital strategy to deliver the results you need to maximise your digital investment.

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