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That’s it! Pets, (especially dogs) cannot be trusted in advertising

By October 22, 2014February 20th, 2018No Comments

KLM video about retriever dog turns out to be a fake.

The viral video of the heart warming story about the airline’s dog that retrieves and finds the owner of items left behind on board, turns out to be not true.

I suppose this commercial like many commercials are based on fake stories.

How do you know when you’re risking upsetting people?

  • When you toy with their emotions. If people know it’s fiction — all good.
  • If people were tricked into feeling emotions — and later find out they were duped — they get mad.
  • If they shared the content with their friends — and later find out they were duped — and then get embarrassed — they get really mad.

Be careful. When in doubt, make sure people know that your marketing is really marketing.

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